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Humidity Absorbents Desicaut Packets

During delivery (Sea, Land, Railway), because of temperature changes, day and night temperature shifts, moisture arises inside the box and falls over products as container sweat. Consequently, this creates a serious damage on products and packing material which in return causes important financial losses. For instance, rust on metal surfaces, technical problems because of corrosion on electronic products, mold on food products. These are all reason of irremeably damages and cause loss of money and prestige. To overcome these risks, we provide safe delivery and safe export conditions with our desiccant bags, New generation container Dry 2 materials are safe against impact materials.

Depending on volume of protection, our humidity absorbent packs can be between 5 gram and 1000 gr. Furthermore, our Container Dry products whose humiditiy absorbent capacity reaches to four times of its own weight are our best solutions for safest delivery.

The main appliance areas of our humiditiy absorbent products are automotive industry, parts of automotive industry, electronic industry, machine and metal industry, military equipment and tools, furniture , glass and foodstuffs which are all sensitive to moist. Our company offers all kinds of service related to Dry System Packing.

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  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
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