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Foldable Plywood Packaging Group

Our product which is "number 1" preference of spare parts groups and manufacturers, provides maximum protection, immune to water and moisture, for products in offshore deliveries, export and all kinds of difficult delivery conditions and offers professional and prestigious solutions in terms of transportation of products without damage. It is produced from galvanized steel and foldable from holding edges. It can be produced in desired numbers and for tonnage capacity. It is produced from five time water resistant WPB plywood material. It can be easily mounted, staffed as to prevent space loss. These are the advantages it can offer our producers. All industrial groups can use our products and the most effective features of our product:

  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
Most Effective Features of Our Product :
All sizes are foldable.
Can be produced in all size and in all numbers.
Easily mounted and demounted. Recyclable. No need for
  screw and chisel equipments.
Light in Freight and easily carries big tonnages.
Minimum staffing place in Storing.
Easy Logo and Product Codes printing enables your product
  to be promoted in every corner of World.
It provides high protection and water and moisture resistant
  during Transport and immune to climate changes
Problem free clearance inwards and outwards, all quality
  certificates and authority asked for International transport
Each packing is under warranty of Cag Pack brand
New " My Pandora "

This new generation product which has the same features with our Pandora product has plastic opening covers which enable countless opening and closing. In this way, even the product is transferred to many points; it can still be opened and closed easily and be ready for delivery safely.

  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
Power Pack

Our Giant boxes of inside wood material in all sizes are especially preferred by electronic sector and many others which have larger product range. Designed for desired tonnage capacity especially for product, this box provides maximum protection and safe delivery. All used wood materials are manufactured for ISPM-15 standards.

  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
Play Box

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can be opened from all sides and folding, is manufactured from plywood and can be manufactured in all size. You can load and unload this box from all sides. It easily carries high tonnage materials.

  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni

Our folding transfer wing which is complying with EU standards offers infinite using. It is re usable for many times. High tonnage materials can be carried in extra strong modular cases and can be staffed over. This product is appropriate for products delivered bulk and accumulation custing.

  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
  PME500 ecologica Pudra Seker Degirmeni
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